Used Car Purchasing Guide

Used cars today have some of the worst conditions that we have seen ever.

It is imperative that the vehicle is inspected BEFORE you buy it.

  • It is not uncommon to see thousands of dollars in work needed on used cars. Used cares are just that, used, so don't expect to be buying a car that is in perfect working condition. Boeser Automotive is here to help you repair anything and everything on the used car that you decide to purchase.


Service Contracts, sometimes known as "Extended Warranties" are an agreement that the seller will pay for certain repairs or services for either a certain amount of time or certain amount of miles. Basically it is an insurance policy. These contracts always cost extra on top of the purchasing price of the vehicle you are buying. Many times, the people selling the car will use the contract cost to gain extra profit at your expense so it's a good idea to compare the contract you are offered to intended contracts of well established companies to see if the contract is worth accepting.


Don’t buy the “Extended Warranty” when purchasing your vehicle.  You can get that after you purchase the vehicle for less than half the price with a reputable company. Ask us about who.

Don’t trust the dealer that there “ 100 point “ or “Certified Inspection” is in your best interest. It is NOT!!